Lip Colors--Lip Gloss & Lipsticks

Three lip products are available from Eliza Fragrances & Cosmetics: Lip glosses, lipsticks (in slimline tubes), and lip rouges (potted lip color that is applied with a brush).  These are named after classic Hollywood actresses!  Lip colors are all developed first as lip rouges, so check the lip rouge section for color swatches and new additions.  Lip glosses and lipsticks are available in the same shades as lip rouges.

Lip Gloss

First developed in 1930 by Max Factor, lip gloss has more of a vintage history than you might think!  It was created to make lips shiny in films, and is still one of the most popular lip products out there.

Still working to try more of my colors as lip glosses!  The gloss base consists of castor oil, shea butter, beeswax, kaolin clay, essential oils of lemon and orange, and radish root ferment filtrate as a preservative.

 'Marilyn' lip gloss in tube, with applicator (left); swatch on skin (right).

'Ava' gloss swatch.


 Just as with the glosses, Eliza lipsticks are available in all the same shades as lip rougesThe lipstick base contains the same ingredients as the lip rouge base (jojoba oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, glycerin, kaolin clay, lemon and orange essential oils, radish root ferment filtrate), with added allantoin.  If there is a shade you would like as a lipstick but you don't see it in a featured photo, simply write to me with your request and I'll be happy to make one up for you.

'Marilyn' and 'Hedy' lipsticks.  These come in black "slim-line" tubes, with each tubes holding about 2g of product.

Lipsticks in 'Ava', 'Vivien', and 'Paulette' shades.



  1. Where can I purchase your makeup? Margo Cavoli

    1. I have a webstore on my site that is in its very infancy:

      If you don't see what you want there, just email me at and I can help you! You can also message me via my Facebook page. :)