Friday, December 7, 2012

New 'Carmen' Labels

This is something that really bothers me.  I just don't like the way that Carmen Miranda is so often remembered as eccentric and ridiculous.  It seems that most people just think of her as a "silly" woman with fruit on her head.  I know that's how she appeared in many of her films, in that exotic get-up with the wild hats, but can't we think of her for the beautiful woman she was?

I don't want to perpetuate that irritating image people insist upon assigning to her, so I've decided to change the labels of the 'Carmen' lip color.

The label I used originally.  It's barely a full-face photo.

The photo I'm going to use for the NEW labels!  Wasn't she lovely?

As 'Carmen' was the first lip rouge I ever made, and my one-year anniversary of lip rouge making is coming up, I'm planning to make 'Carmen' lipsticks with the new labels.  How pretty they will be!

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