Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meet the Eliza Girl

For a while, I've been contemplating a new logo for Eliza Fragrances & Cosmetics.  My original was a woman in a black dress holding a rose, which a local designer did for me.  It was very pretty but I began to think something more personal would be appropriate, i.e. a simple face that people could identify with the products.  It is said that in the 1930s, Maybelline had the "Maybelline Girl".  Unfortunately, the only picture I can find is this one, which I believe was done by artist Zoe Mozert.

I wanted something like that, which evoked 1930s glamour; more importantly, a face.  I thought, if Maybelline had a Maybelline Girl, then my company needs an Eliza Girl.  My ideal was something in the pastel style of W.T. Benda.

I don't know many artists personally, who work with the pastel/charcoal medium, so I decided I would try it myself.  If you know anything about my "artistic" nature, you would laugh at this!  Usually I'm awful at drawing, especially drawing faces and getting everything symmetrical.  But I was determined.  I bought some pastels in the summer and practiced, practiced, practiced.

I knew I wanted the Eliza Girl to be holding a flower that matched her lips in order to symbolize both of products that I create, perfumes and cosmetics.  I liked the way Elizabeth Taylor was holding this flower:

But her expression was not really what I wanted.  I began by using this photo of Olivia de Havilland as a guide.  I was just going to get some practice in...

And then this face showed up on my page:

So, I decided to see what I could get with this.  I worked on it a little manically/obsessively for about two days.  Frantic about making a mistake or spoiling my luck, I scanned and printed the drawing at each stage.  I won't bore you with each stage, but here is the final product!

I drew the rose separately and taped it on.  The background was done on my computer.  I did a very faint skin tone for her by crushing some pastels to get an apricot face powder shade, which I blended on with a cotton swab.  The hair was difficult to figure out, but actually quite fun to draw on.  She has 1930s marcel waves!

I hope you all like the new logo!  The next step is to print some business cards with the Eliza Girl on them, to introduce her to my customers.  ;)

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