Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Sneak Peak

I first fell for lip palettes quite a few years ago when Revlon released two different ones for the holiday.  There was a palette of five different reds, and one with pinks of varying shades and shimmer.  It was before my red lipstick days, before I went vintage, so I chose the pink one.  But that is an inconsequential fact--the point is, lip palettes are wonderful!

Look at this glamorous palette from Guerlain!  This includes lip AND eye colors.  Snazzy!

I suppose it was the fact that I bought my first lip palette during the holiday season that I was inspired to introduce a lip palette to my vintage makeup line this December.  I have five new colors planned out:

1) A shimmery pink, named for Grace Kelly.

2) Cranberry red, named after Gene Tierney.

3) A plum shade, named for Rosalind Russell.

4) A pretty pink-coral, named after Carole Lombard.

5) Brown-red, which will be a reformulation of the 'Rita' lip rouge.

(As you may already know, all my lip colors are named after classic Hollywood actresses.)

I've finished three of the colors.




Must get to work on the last two!

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