Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Lip Palette

The Eliza Holiday Lip Palette is finally here!  This palette introduces five new colors: 'Marlene', a light red with brown overtones; 'Rosalind', a deep, rich plum; 'Gene', somewhat cranberry-magenta, similar to the 'Paulette' shade; 'Grace,' a pearly, semi-sheer pink, and 'Carole', a light, coral-pink.

The palette closed.  Left to right, colors are 'Marlene', 'Rosalind', 'Gene', 'Grace', and 'Carole.'

What's inside...

Skin swatches of colors.  Left to right: 'Marlene', 'Rosalind', 'Gene', 'Grace', 'Carole'.

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  1. The colors are stunning! I love how classic they are, and the slight hint of creamy sheen---lovely!